Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing
Social media marketing

As years are passing by we may know the essence of digitalization is Broadening in various ways. Mostly the effect of digitalization may be seen over social media platforms. Itis a threat for small businesses or local businesses. after the Digitalization, the market has changed to a 360-degree market, where all you need to do is to find or attract your customers by engaging in social media. For young entrepreneurs or businesses, it’s a great way to establish an engaging quality business for success but for the elder one, it’s a bit threatening if they can’t establish engagement with the audience on Social media markets. Social media marketing plays a vital role in online servers. As it includes a large number of audiences and can help a business to grow more and find more audiences related to their product’s interest.

Here, in this article, we will gonna elaborate on social media marketing in an effective way which would be gonna helpful for you and your business. Read the full article for an effective result.

History of social media marketing?

The importance of social media to online marketing can’t be overstated. In the world, across 3 billion audiences are using social media platforms, which clearly state that most of everyone is now becoming a part of the virtual world (i.e. social media). In the very beginning social media merely used for communication, chatting, calls, etc. But after its advancement in the digital world, it was getting more engagement by the people and most of them were started using it for their business purpose. As time passes by marketing on web became popular across the world. People started using social media as a source of their income (i.e. youtube, Facebook).

Instagram History

After some time a new IOS app developed by America in 2010 by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger named Instagram owned by Facebook,inc. It was officially released in October 6, 2010. A year and half year later in the month of April it has released its android version as well. It became popular very rapidly as it achieved one million registered users in a month only and 10 million in a year and as in 2019 it completed 1 billion registered users.

At that time, Instagram was basically used for normal chatting, and quick viewing profiles of others. But as it became popular across world besides facebook, youtube, people started using Instagram as well for their business purpose. Today Instagram is also popular world wide for blogging & Ecommerce purpose. A feature in instagram mainly known as Stories , crosses 500 million as of Jaunary 2019.

Whatsapp History

As like Instagram , Whatsapp has also released a new feature of business whatsapp in the month of September 2017, to target small businesses. It allows business enterprises such as airlines, ecommerce sector (i.e. retailers and bank) to provide customer services through whatsapp chatbox, to resolve customers queries via whatsapp. And It became popular in veryshort period of time . In may 2016, whatsapp had introduced for both windows and mac operating system. In Feb 19, 2014 facebooks announced its acquisition of whatsapp for US$19 billion.

As on now , Instagram and whatsapp both are owned by Facebook, inc. In short Facebook is the largest platform for any business.

Coming to the explaination of social media marketing ,

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing refers to the use of social media platforms to promote your business online. Most of the social media sites have built-in data analysis tool which allows marketers to track their success reports of ad campaigns. Social media marketing includes the management of marketing campaigns, tracking affirmation of customers engagements.

Campaigns ( Local business)

Small Business uses social media for promotional purpose. Its a strategic plans of any business to create enagement related to their product on web platforms. Businesses uses ad campaigns, affiliate marketing, social bookmarketing, ecommerce , online branding , blogging, vlogging, to create an effective impact on the audiences.

Tats & Intents

Social media mainly uses by the businesses to make them accessible who are interested in their products and who are searching which are relateable to their products. One of the main beneficial point of using social media is in tracking the result of their running campaigns, The real-time viewers searching for thir products. Companies can connect to their audiences through social media and get to know more about their viewers interest. And hence, they can grow themselves in an extraordinary way.


Social Media
Social Media platforms
  1. Twitter: Twitter allows companies to promote their business through shorts messages which Include 140 characters known as tweets, which would be shown on their follower’s home timelines. Most of the news channels, Political leaders also use this feature to create a large number of engagements.
  2. Facebook: Facebook are more detailed than twitter. It allows companies to make a online page for their company name and brand and posts pictures, videos, and also has a feature of watch party, and more. It also consider business facebook which allows companies to run ad campaigns, and track their campaigns records.
  3. Whatsapp: Whatsapp messenger allows Airline’s departments, ecommerce retailers, hospitals, to provide customer service through whatsapp chats, voice chats process, etc. It’s a simple and easy way to contact with their customers and helps them to resolve their queiries in a very short time.
  4. Linkedin: Linkedin is an official and professional business-related site. It allows business to create a professionl profile for themselves as well as for their It allows business to intereact with each other at professional levels. Due to the Spams through mails, job seekers disappointments , company prefers Linkedin to allow job seekers to search for a job and a direct communication with the recruitement department of the company.
  5. Instagram: Due to the popularity of Instagram in a short period of time, Instagram’s goal is to help companies getting more engagements and customers through captivating stories, page, imagies, videos. IGTV videos on instagram are more popular when it comes to the short informative videos. Instagram allows companies to find more audience interests for the improvement of their product.
  6. Tumblr: Blogging website tumblr first launches their ad products in May,2012. Besides making an banner ads, Tumblr requires advertisers to create a Tumblr blog, so the content of those blogs can get featured.

AD Formats of tumblr

  • Sponsored mobile posts
  • Web posts Sponsored
  • Sponsored radar
  • Sponsored spots lights

After Reading this article, We may conclude that Social media marketing is an effective way of promoting businesses on web market, As it allows your product to be promoted in virtual world without any implications. Hope, this article helped you in resolving your queries related to social media and social media marketing. If you find this article bit informative then share it with your colleagues and your friends. Mention you valuable feedback in comments.

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