Hey! I am Nikhil. Recently, I have started blogging related to digital marketing concepts. You will get to know about all the stuffs related to digital marketing as soon as possible. Today, I will gonna tell you about search engine optimization and all the things which you are supposed to know. Search engine optimization has been categorized in two categories ON page Seo & OFF page Seo. If you want to know about Seo then this article would be helpful for you.

Search engine optimization

SEO plays vital role in online marketing , It is a fast growing field in internet marketing , Moreover 500 SEO strong branding and large media spends on TV .

Seo Starts with keyword research and analysis (what does keyword research actually means )

Well ,it all begins with keywords typed into Google search box . keyword research is a vast concept and is one of the most important valuable and High written activities in the Search marketing fields .

Ranking for the “right” keywords can build or ruin  your website or we can say your whole business.Identifying the right search terms for your Seoefforts is the most important thing that you can do to ensure that you have success on the search engines.

SEO 2019

search engine optimization has two parts

Now ,coming towards the edges of SEO

factors affecting SEO

ON PAGE               

It includes what you deliver to your visitors on daily basis . (i.e. content Writing ) . The more you deliver unique or eye catchy terms , more you will get the engagements .

It’s more important for you to keep in mind of Google algorithms before posting any contents.

on page seo
This is on page seo pic

5 things you must not do

  1. Do not post copied content :Copying content from another website and posting it to your website can become a cause of ruining your business.
  2. Low quality user-generated content (UGC): You should not post content with higher grammatical mistakes. To reduce your grammatical errors you can use google free tools . ( i.e. Grammarly ) . You can look for Grammarly in your chrome extension .
  3. High ad-to-Context ratio: You must keep in mind the ratio between your content and AD displaying on your content . It should be vice -versa .
  4. Content mismatching search query: Your article must be based on the title of your post. It should be predefined by a title what is in the post.Many times people post different content on a different title which is highly manipulative.

5. Keyword Stuffing: It is also known as repetition of keywords. You must not repeat the keywords again & again in your content.  It should be  use wisely . Over optimization of your  keyword is a part of ridiculous activities.

seo 2019
this is multi perpose things

Off Page


Off page  seo  refers to all the activities that you do away from your website to raise the rankings  of your website with search engines .

Though many people associate off-page seo with link building , it goes beyond that . Off page includes many factors despite link building (i.e. guest  posting , leave a comment ) .

The main factor of Seo off page is that it helps google to ensure about the reviews of your website based on link building . for example : If you have the higher , valuable link building spottings then google will ensure that you have unique and tremendeous content and it will consider your website as  user friendly .

off page 2019
off page seo image


  • Why would someone waste their time on link building ?

Every expert marketers knews about google algorithmn very well ! If you knows well about how google algorithms works then there will be no hurdles in your way of ranking your website on the top of the SERP ( Search engine result page ) .


Top 5 Factors Affecting off Page Search engine optimization


  1. CONTENT  : Content writing play vital role in ranking your website and preventing it from bounce back rate . The More unique the content will , the lesser will be the bounce rate . It also helps to increase the value of your page .
  2. ARTICLES : Article should not contain any type of spams ( i.e. keyword spamming , cloaking , keyword stuffing , density of keywords , etc . ) It must contain minimum 1000 word limit . Use Simple words so that it can be coherent by everyone .



  1. VIDEO : Videos may helps in generating more leads . In this gram generation mainly youngsters used to see videos instead of reading lengthy blogs . You can upload short clip videos on your blogs so that it can create more engagement .
  2. Social Bookmarking : Social bookmarking is an effective way getting more engagement . It allows users to add , annotate , tag and share bookmarks of web documents .
  3. Social Networking : Social networking is one of the main factor which affects the ranking of your website . By creating your social media pages and connecting it with your website can add a value to your website. It would not only help in engagement and ranking but it will also help in adding a value to your website . (i.e. user friendly website ).

    off page seo effecting


These are some informative knowledge about Search engine optimization  which includes all factors about on page and off page Seo . This information is well advisable for the beginners who doesn’t  know well about what is  Search engine optimization (SEO) .

If you know well about search engine optimization you can easily earn by blogging . Maine factor of blogging is  SEO ( Search engine Optimiztion ) .


Following Table format will help you to understand in much better way about the elements of search engine optimization .



1. Content : Quality , Research , Words , Uniqueness , Engagement . Links : Quality , Test / Keywords ,

Inbound numbers .

2. HTML : Titles , Description , Headers , Meta tags Trust : Authority , SSL , History
3. System : Crawl / robots , Page load time , Urls ( short /keyword ) , SE indexing . Personal :  Country , locality , history , Social .
4. Black Hat : Cloaking , Keyword stuffing , Spamming , Paid links Social : Reputation , likes / shares ,


5. CSS : Layout , Bold Strong Tags , EM tags . Blocking : blocked by visitors , blocklisted .


Hope this article would help you to ensure about all the factors affecting Search engine optimization . For more updates related digital marketing stay in touch with us .  You can subscribe to our website as well by filling up your email address at the top of the website .

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