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In this blog we will gonna discuss about very well known tool of google (i.e google search console). Deep analytic details of search console is provided in this blog. Read full article for depth knowledge.

Meaning of Google Search Console

Google Search Console
Google Search console

Search console is a tool of google which helps webmasters to measures site search traffic and performance, fixing issues, and make your website shine in google search. It helps in optimizing your content with search analytics.

History of Search console

In 2015 , the tool named search console then known as Google webmaster tool. Then, in January 2018 a new version of webmaster tool forms up with respect to user interface and name changes to search console instead of websmasters tools. In september 2019, old search console reports like home , dashboards pages, evacuated by google.


  • Submit and check Sitemaps.
  • list internal pages and external pages link to the website.
  • Check and set the crawl rate.
  • Views statistics when Googlebot accesses a particular site.
  • Write and check robot.txt file (i.e. helps discovered pages that have been blocked in robot.txt accidently).
  • Shows what keyword searches led the site to rank on SERP.
  • Check the security issues if any .
  • Add or remove the property owners.
  • Set a preffered domain that displays in the Serp.search
  • Recieve notification from google for any manual penalties.

Overview Of  Search Console Panel

search console overview

As above mentioned , this blog consists of deep analytics of search console. Here by is an overview of search console panel.

  1. Overview : It shows an overview of your website where you can see an overview performance, coverage and enhancements of your site.
  2. Performance : This option will help you to check the number of impressions on a particular keyword. You can see the number and names of pages ,  countries , devices , search appearance and dates in this option.
  3. Url inspection : You can inspect any of your pages Url here.
  4. Index : It shows coverage , sitemaps and removals .
  5. Enhanchements : It specifies speed, mobile usability , breadcrumbs, sitelinks searchboxes.
  6. Security and Manual actions : You can check any notification if sent to you by google security manual. You can fix any security issues if you are facing in your website.
  7. Legacy tools and reports : It specifies five options which includes international targeting , crawl stats, messages, Url parameters , webtools. It is related to legacy.
  8. Links : You can check internal , external links . you can also see Top linked pages , top linked texts and top linked websites over here.
  9. Settings : Each and every tool have a predefined known as settings. It may help you to check whether your ownership is  verified or not , users and permissions , you can change address and about search console.
  10. Submit feedback : Afterall , you are using a google service or its a fact that whatever service you are using i.e buying a product you have to give your feedback for future improvements. In any service customers feedbacks plays an vital role so here is also a way to send your feedbacks to google.
  11. About New Versions : You can check the details of the new versions over here .

Hence, all the topics of search console panel have been discussed above . Hope you gained some knowledge.


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