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In this era of digitalization ,  Digital marketing raises bar to very high competition in the market. For some business now its very difficult to claim the opportunities while for some claiming is a great deal.Digital marketing is one the best method to ensure your business success. It plays a vital role in indulging the online reputation of any organization. This blog consists of a proper summarizing of elements of Digital marketing (i.e. DM) in a specified manner. For any business customers are King. They are the reason for any successful business. If you have a good customer support you are liable enough to stand in the market competition. After the market development in digitalization, it has become necessary for any business to connect to the audience on social level. They need to grab the customers attention by  using the social media platforms then only they can succeed.

What is Digital Marketing? 

Digital marketing
  • In simple words, Digital marketing is a way through which you can promote your business online using digital platforms (i.e. Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc.). It is used for maintaining the online reputation of an organization.It is a way of taking your local business to online platforms.
  • Digital marketing is also known as online marketing where a company uses digital platforms to connect to more people to promote their business products and achieving its targets in a short time.

In this article , we will let you know more about digital marketing. Read this full article below .

Considering Digital marketing as a part of our lives or business, we should be well known about the elements that matters more for a great achievement. These top 5 elements mentioned below will ensure the best outcomes for any business.

Top 3 elements of Digital Marketing

1. SEO ( search engine optimization) :

SEO plays vital role in online marketing , It is a fast growing field in internet marketing , Moreover 500 SEO strong branding and large media spends on TV .Seo Starts with keyword research and analysis (what does keyword research actually means ). Well ,it all begins with keywords typed into Google search box . keyword research is a vast concept and is one of the most important valuable and High written activities in the Search marketing fields .Ranking for the “right” keywords can build or ruin  your website or we can say your whole business.Identifying the right search terms for your Seoefforts is the most important thing that you can do to ensure that you have success on the search engines.

on page seoThis is on page seo pic

SEO further categorized into two divisions:

  •  ON PAGE :  It includes what you deliver to your visitors on daily basis . (i.e. content Writing ) . The more you deliver unique or eye catchy terms , more you will get the engagements .It’s more important for you to keep in mind of Google algorithms before posting any contents.
  • OFF PAGE :  Off-page  seo  refers to all the activities that you do away from your website to raise the rankings  of your website with search engines.Though many people associate off-page seo with link building , it goes beyond that . Off page includes many factors despite link building (i.e. guest  posting , leave a comment ) .The main factor of Seo off page is that it helps google to ensure about the reviews of your website based on link building . for example : If you have the higher , valuable link building spottings then google will ensure that you have unique and tremendeous content and it will consider your website as  user friendly .  

2. Social media optimization :

SMO (i.e.Social Media optimization)refers to the online promotion of your website through Social Media. It is a great way to develop your business in online communities.  It plays a vital role in endorsing the reputation of your website (i.e. business as well). SMO encourages publicity to increase awareness of a product, band, event. It is a vast concept of social media to go through. As similar to SEO (i.e. search engine optimization), SMO is also an effective way of generating web traffic. Mainly, the goal of SMO is to use the social media platform to create an online brand and increase awareness by sharing, vlogging, etc.

smo 2020
smo image

The Goal of SMO is strategically creating online interesting content, an eye-catchy picture gallery that can capture audience heart. A well – written content that can engage viewers to stay on the same content or website for more time (i.e. helps in reducing bounce rate).SMO ensures social media engagements.

  • Some of the common examples of Social media engagements include liking, commenting, sharing the posts through social media links to their friends, family, etc.
  • Sharing could be a plus point for your website as it will reach more audiences and hence engage with more audiences across the world. SMO has to do with social networks and their growing importance to the business.
  • The purpose of SMO is to deal with enhancing your company’s online reputation and its online presence to engage and connect with more people.,

3. Lead Generation :

In every business whether its small, B2B , B2C , everyone needs leads engagement to reach perks. Its not an easy task to get leads but not as difficult as developing a software. Lead generation play a vital rin digital marketing. It shows the analysis of your customers interests. leads can be created for the purpose of e-letters, busuiness cards, list-building, sales leads, an so on.

lead generation 2020
This is lead generation image
There are lot of ways which can be use to generate leads. Some of the methods are given below :
  • Content Marketing : Writing blogs and make people understand your content helps you very effectively. You may use video marketing for personal branding as videos engage more people comparatively blogs writing. Youtube is the best way to promote you business through video marketing and getting engagements.
  • Email marketing : Email marketing is a way of sending business proposals , advertisements via email to numerous clients or subscribers to get more engagements and leads.
  • Display Ads : Also called banner ads , It is mainly created by illustrator and photoshop to create an effective impact on the viewers.
  • Pay per click : It is a way that internet marketers use to drive immediate traffic to their website. It displays on the right hand column of search engine when it displays results for the serches you type in.
  • Webinars : Webinar is live based video conference which includes lectures, workshops, seminar online. Quality webinars topics and speakers can create more engagement and can build your company promotional branding.

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